UPDATE: We are proud to offer all abortion services at this time.

We have resumed scheduling patients for medication abortions & surgical abortions.

In order for us to continue providing quality healthcare to our community, our prices have increased for the first time in years.

Check our pricing guide for updated fees.

Thank you for your continued support.

Read the full press release here.

If you are experiencing hardship, financial assistance may be available to help you cover some of the costs of your abortion.



please read all this important info first:

  • COST: An initial consultation is $100.00 (which will go towards the cost of your abortion). This fee is non-refundable and must be paid when you arrive for your first appointment. We accept cash, credit card, or debit card. Credit cards are only accepted with cardholder present. We do not accept checks, money order, or American Express.
  • ID CARD REQUIRED: Please bring your Driver’s License or State Picture ID with you. All patients and guests entering the clinic are required to show their photo ID to clinic staff who will make a photocopy of it. 
  • UNDER 18? You must also bring your birth certificate. Your parent or guardian does not have to stay for the entire visit. Your parent or guardian must bring their Driver’s License or State Picture ID with them. 
  • PARKING: There is a parking lot in the back of the building.
  • GUESTS: You may bring one support person. Only the patient is allowed beyond the lobby. No children are allowed.
  • DURATION: Expect to be with us for 2 to 3 hours during your first appointment.
  • INTERPRETER: If you have a language barrier, you are required to bring a female interpreter with you to your first visit.
    Male interpreters are not allowed.

make sure you write down your appointment time before you click the "Submit" button.

We respect your safety and privacy. We will not send you a confirmation email. We do not confirm appointments over the phone.

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If you are less than 18 years old, a parent or guardian must come with you for the 1st appointment. If this is not possible, Ohio law requires that you obtain a "judicial bypass." Also, don't forget to bring your birth certificate with you to your 1st appointment.
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First day of your last menstrual period:
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If you answered YES, please enter your date of birth.
Appointment dates are updated on a weekly basis. If you would like to schedule your appointment more than a week out, you will need to schedule by phone.