Abortion Pill available
up to 9.6 weeks

Available in Toledo and Columbus

Includes blood tests, ultrasound, and consultation with our patient advocate. You will also meet with a doctor to sign 24-hour consent forms.

There is a $125 non-refundable fee for your options consultation. This fee will be credited towards the final cost of your abortion.

This is when you take the 1st dose (Mifeprex™). 

Our doctor will give you instructions on how to take the 2nd dose (Misoprostol) at home 1-2 days later. 

During your abortion, you can expect to have bleeding, cramping, and flu-like symptoms.



Medication abortion is effective up to 95% of the time.

During this final visit, we will test your urine to make sure your pregnancy was successfully terminated.

We may also perform another ultrasound to ensure no pregnancy tissue remains.